History of the Known World Edit

It's actually quite brief. Circa 100BC, a mountain exploded, an empire fell, and the Targaryens, last of the Valyrian nobles, escaped to Dragonstone with a few dragons.

The Bleeding Years Edit

Where our saga begins. The year is 11BC, and Aelor, Aelyx I, Daemon and Graeffon, Valyrian orphan brothers on Dragonstone, find jobs. Before long, Graeffon and Aelyx had been executed. So, Aelor decided to run off and fight in during the Bleeding Years. Daemon decided to hang back, and Aelyx II is born.

Aelor comes back from his little adventure, Aelyx II dies, Aelyx III is born and dies, and Aegon decides to invade Westeros, which had never been unified under a single man in the past. Aelor and Daemon decide not to join in, instead concerned with issues at home. Luckily, they adapted, and a few years later, Aegon had completed his conquest.

The Watch's War Edit

In 2AC, the brothers decide to head to the newly-founded city of King's Landing due to an initiative by Queen Rhaenys. While Daemon continued working with as a kennelhand, Aelor decided to employ the skills he gained in war as a member of the City Watch.

After the then-Captain of the Lion's Gate was sent to the Wall under suspicious circumstances and an unfair wage cut by the then-Lord Commander, the Watch's War broke out, during which Daemon was arrested and executed. Aelor, however, decided to stay loyal, before switching sides. After he realized the rebels would lose the war, he stabbed a prominent revolutionary figure in the back in order to regain the Watch's favor. For this, he was promoted to the position of sergeant.

Erik, adoptive son of Corren, would later become a watchman under Aelor.

The Dornish War Edit

In the year 10AC, the Dornish War, in which Aegon set out to conquer Dorne, broke out. It ended with Rhaenys' death, yet attacks on wealthy and influential nobles and merchants in King's Landing continued. Aelor managed to hunt a few of these men down and discovered that a lieutenant of the River Gate had been funding them all along.

In 16AC, Aelyx and Alvor joined the Watch under Aelor. Corren discovered a possible perpetrator for the crime that Jeorge was accused of and sent Aelor, his only trusted sergeant, to find the man truly responsible. Despite tracking him down through Dornishmen and brothels, Nabat escaped, leaving behind a bag of square iron coins, a Braavosi currency.